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Our app designed to serve the younger generation and provide them a list of thousands job opportunities from work experience to graduate levels. Download our app today and let us know if there is anything else that we can change to suit your needs.

Job Seekers

More fun to look for jobs!

If you are a job seeker, why not try our mobile app in searching for jobs around the high street? We recognised searching and applying for jobs is a stressful time. Therefore, we have merged 'reality' with 'virtually'. We believed our innovative mobile app can aid you in the stress free job hunting.

Video CV can be used as a preliminary interviews practice

Part of our mobile application that we offer is the Video CV feature which can generate a psychometric and personality testing which may benefit the employers when it comes to selecting the best candidate. This feature can be used as an interview practice by the candidates too.

Easy to use and no more writing a personal statement!

We have abandoned the traditional way of writing up a long personal statement when you apply for a job. With Augmented Vacancies, all you need to do is record a 30-seconds video to introduce yourself eg: 'Why you are applying for the job', 'What is your work experience' etc. These questions will be posted on the app in the application and you you'll be guided to the application process.

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