Tech Talent Recruitment

Tackling the tech talent skills gaps
Google Campus, 30th June 2016

Come and join us for the day! Get ready to be inspired by the Top Speakers!

According to the Tech City, we need a further 1,000,000 tech workers by 2020. Recruiting for Tech Talent / CTO in London is one of the biggest challenges faced by any startups and we often hear that stratups are struggling to find a CTO due to limited funding. Therefore, this recruitment exhibition aims to tackle the skills shortage for the Tech Talent in the startups community and explore whether it is crucial to have a CTO.
This event will bring the talent and the companies together under one roof, provide the chance to discuss the potential and challenges around the skills gap and will have a short panel sharing their experiences, talented tech individuals and professional peers who are tackling these challenges themselves
Any Tech Talent / Graduates and Students are welcomed to join us during the day and there will be an opprtunity for you to speak to the startups that are hiring.
All attendees are required to read and follow the Code of Conduct

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