Augmented Vacancies uplifts your job search experience.

Augmented Vacancies is the first online job site incorporating a unique mobile application using Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS allowing you to see job vacancies while you are out and about. We believe our platform provides a great new way for our users to discover potential job opportunities which they may not otherwise find.


Maximise your targeted applicants

Augmented Vacancies reaches out to an extensive range of active, smart and curious audience who enjoy exploring the job market using an advanced technology tool.

Minimize the cost and time spent on recruitment

AV helps businesses to reduce their time and cost spent on the recruitment process. Our system helps you to organize multiple applications that you received and filter the best candidate for the position.

Low cost hiring

We are a newly developed business and aiming to invite a range of businesses to be on board and therefore, we are offering our services at low cost and we hope we can ask for your feedbacks to improve our service and functionalities that suit your needs.

Video CV can generate a psychometric testing

A good sales person might not be good at writing. Therefore, this video CV can help the employers to understand how good an applicant is by presenting and speaking in front of the camera.