We are a group of young start up in the technology industry

Our aim is to tackle the unemployment rate among young people and hope that our innovation can create a different kind of job searching experience.

About Us

We are a cool start-up working with the cool people!

Sharon Oh

Founder of Augmented Vacancies

Augmented Vacancies was born from our experience of being young job seekers during our student life. Job hunting experience are often demotivating and boring leading to the lost of motivation to continue to look for jobs after countless rejections. Job seekers are also required to fill in long job application form, even though good writing skills might not be required by the specific job, this tend to disadvantage young people who do not have good writing skills but have excellent communication and presentation skills.

Therefore we aim to help young job seekers in facing these difficulties by using the tool that we innovated. Not only our application will help the job seekers to speed up their job applications process, but also make a stressful experience fun. Moreover, employers whom advertised through Augmented Vacancies are allowed to view the job seekers’ interpersonal and presentation skills directly.
 This can help to cut down the recruitment process by 30%. Please click here to view our demo video.

Our Senior Ambassadors

Stuart Pol Harrus Tife

We select the best students and young people to be part of us

Our Senior Ambassadors are the one of the most talented young people which has been discovered by the community or themselves are a Founders. Being a Senior Ambassadors, it's their jobs to help other young people; acting as a mentor, helping others to succeed in their early stage of their career through the #IncludeYouMe campaign.

1. Stuart Russell B.E.M (UK North Ambassador) - An award winning Artist, Poet and Writer. Founder of Arts in Fife.
2.Pol R. Vouillamoz (EU Ambassador) - Entreprenuer and Co-Founder at MindingMinds and JOSC.
3. Harrus Ali (UK South Ambassador) - Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Integrate Uni.
4. Tife A (Midlands Ambassador) - Founder at Swarvo

Our Aims and Visions

Helping young people, students and the graduates

Our aim is to help 10,000 young people by end of 2015; 30,000 by end of 2016; 50,000 by end of 2017.
We have got a big ambition but we can't do it without your help. Digital Skills in today's generation is vital and young people deserve the Digital knowledge that has been recognised as a 'Digital Skills Shortage'. Thefore, we are looking for partners that can collaborate with us to move to the next step by embracing Digital elements through: employment and education. If you are interested to be our partners, please speak to us today.

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